About Me

I am a writer spreading the love for our beautiful planet! My goal is to be your motivational go-to ecomama for those that need help overcoming the challenge of waste reduction. I’ll show you which products to buy that are ethical, fair trade, and help reduce waste matter.

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Channel Your inner diva

In the years to come this platform will give fellow ecobabes a voice. If we work together we can use our dollars to make a positive impact. By spending our money we’re voting for what matters in life. Whether it be Fair Trade, Organic, Local goods, sustainable produce or anything without plastic packaging. 


Helping you save time and money

Through my investigations and informative posts you’ll learn about people and companies who try to make a difference in the world. Plus, you’ll find out how changing your daily habits can save you money.

A positive change is a powerful thing

Pollution and littering have changed our climate. Now is the time to bring more awareness.  I’m inspired and motivated by those that have made it their life’s ambition to advocate for the Planet. Becoming an advocate for the planet takes dedication. Do you have what it takes to be an ecobabe?