Beware Of This 1 LifeStyle Hack

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Beware Of This 1 LifeStyle Hack

Remembering a travel cup doesn’t come easily. But, for months I did! With some forgetfulness along the way… And then It finally registered. Something wasn’t right! As a newly conscious shopper, it feels defeating when you learn your efforts were undermined. I promise this lifestyle hack is important to keep and it’s also important for us to defend.

I wonder if there’s anyone out there that have discovered the same problem? Maybe the majority of those that bring their cups through drive-thrus are not aware!? They still believe they’re making a difference. Yet, it seems the challenge has evolved into something bigger.

This lifestyle hack reduces single-use waste

We have to adapt, build an attitude, a policy, a way of life! It’s in our hands to make this world a better place for future generations. I thought I was making a difference by doing SOMETHING. One good deed a day! A little help to create change!

Why change? The single-use coffee cups are bad news! They’re expensive to process at the recycling plant. This is because they use heat to process the cup. The reason they use heat is to separate both the plastic coating and paper. This removes the low grade paper material from the plastic sleeve. Fast food waste has quickly caused landfills and Ocean pollution to grow. Choosing to bring your own cup is the first step in the right direction to protecting the planet. It’s an exercise that your brain needs to kick start you into a new beginning.

My new beginning has fallen flat. So instead of quietly changing how I use this one lifestyle hack. I want to make sure that the efforts of others don’t fall short too. So, I decided to write a letter to Tim Hortons to let them know.

A letter for change

To whom it may concern,

As a consumer, I’ll no longer bring my cup through the drive-thru. I will no longer buy coffee from your establishment. Consumers need options that will solve waste created by the use of single-use cups. Therefore, large corporations and individuals must work together.

The relationship we have with single-use cups is destructive. Consequently, living creatures on this planet do not live free from plastic pollution. So, I try my best to remember my own cup when I order in the drive-thru. I believe it’s an individual’s duty to remember their own cup. However, my efforts to reduce the use of single-use containers have fallen short.

Each time I use your drive-thru the employees have used single-use containers to fill my cup. Food safety standards teach that these containers must be thrown away after only one use.

Starbucks has no trouble using stainless steel cups to serve coffee refills. With the rise in “climate awareness” It’s hard to escape unknowing. Furthermore, we know governments have declared climate emergencies. The endless production of plastic is trashing our climate. Yet, you’re so slow to change policies. Get on it!

There is a growing number of people changing their ways. A good question for you. Do you know the percentage of those that bring their cup? Please don’t continue to thwart the efforts of those that care about the environment. We’re trying to make a difference in this world. Therefore, I’ll no longer buy coffee from drive-thrus. Instead, I will do something better. I will support small local cafes and Starbucks!



The response

This was their response back – Check out the third point…

“Recycling and Composting – Currently over 800 of our restaurants have either recycling or composting programs for our hot beverage cups…”

Groan… Did they really say that??

lifestyle hack
lifestyle hack

Know when you`re right

So I made sure they were aware of their mistake… and responded

Firstly, your cups cannot be recycled in every province and they’re definitely NOT compostable. The information below is misleading and should be removed from the Newsletter.  Secondly, Canada currently recycles 9% of the waste it produces. That’s only 1 in 10 TIM Horton lids being recycled to the blue bins.

It’s a problem, it’s not going away. Instead of sending me a PR letter telling me how you think your doing better. Use my advice and ask yourselves how can we improve our policies now for the future? Lastly, I hope you decide to switch your cups, pass the cost down to the consumer. Why not pay for the convenience of a healthier Earth?



I sound a little annoyed however, it’s not rocket science. The company clearly states it will give me my money back when I bring my cup. So, it costs 10 cents when you use a single-use cup. Maybe if it cost 50 cents for a quality compostable cup people will start to remember their cups more often!

This food safety standard is mandatory in every fast-food chain. Send Tim Hortons a complaint here. Call them at this number 1-888-601-1616 to let them know you’re tired of waiting for them to change their cups.

Their website has a section for questions and answers. One of the questions, will Tim Hortons ever consider changing their cups. Their response, Tim Hortons relies on our own advertising, research, marketing, and planning departments… With that being said, we always appreciate hearing from our guests who want to help us to continue to improve our products.”

Go ahead and copy and paste the letter and use the link above. Send it to Tim Hortons or your favorite drive-thru coffee joint! I plan on continuing on with this one lifestyle hack since it does make a difference. At the end of the day, eight billion people have the option to use single-use cups.

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