The Best Educational Guide To The Plastic Problem

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Well, I’m glad you’re here! Because you’ve just found the best educational guide to helping solve the Ocean plastic problem! Just by being open to solving the plastic pollution crises creates opportunities. I’m scouring the Internet to find a solution to our plastic crisis. I’ve found some great eco-friendly school supplies for you. Plus, you’ll […]View post →

The Importance Of Brand Support And Your Dollars

The trouble with consumerism is it’s superficial. We’re not really educated on brand support. We’re totally spoiled since we can buy anything, from anywhere, by just a click of a button. Our shopping revolution has grown and evolved. Our generation thrives on it. The rise of population, production, and propulsion has interconnected people and products. This […]View post →

Sea Asparagus With Pesto Cheese Sauce

If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast or just stop in for a visit make sure to check out the local farmer’s market! It’s a good place to enjoy the trappings of wild and natural produce. The food is simple, homegrown and tested by the pallets of countless foodies. Not to mention quite […]View post →

These brands sell the most ethical dairy foods

There are Canadian Farms dedicated to raising animals with an ethical Dairy approach. There are 10% more Canadians concerned about farm animal welfare now than they had been in recent years. The Dairy industry abides by the Canadian food inspection (CFIA) guidelines. However, there are some practices that are questionable. It’s not ethical Dairy if… […]View post →