Arts and Crafts

So my preschooler has finally “graduated”… yep! the word is slightly ambiguous but the thought and the community around it was quite touching! I like to think of it as a preschool participation party. A farewell to the kids that spent the last two years together. Very sweet!! One of the events that led up to […]View post →

Jake’s Traveling Pants

To be honest it’s difficult to travel with a four-year-old and be environmentally friendly at the same time! It’s not surprising how the waste naturally accumulates. Stickers, bottles of juice, and fast food containers!! My car becomes an environmental disaster in no time! Upon a quick clean-up, I found a ray of hope. One large company is […]View post →

Diary for sustainable living.

After my husband and I shop Costco we separate the meat with plastic bags. We do this because the bulk packages come in 10-20 pieces! Every family loves Costco! I was in the middle of defrosting the meat when my thoughts wondered… This really isn’t an environmentally friendly process at all! I removed the thawed […]View post →