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Global Warming And What You Need To Know

Our greatest accomplishment has been the creation of the world’s largest network. A network of goods and services that have weaved it’s way into everyone’s life. But it seems that this very existence has produced a by-product. The increase in greenhouse gases has driven temperature levels to soar. Global warming is a worldwide phenomenon and scientists are looking at the records. They’re looking for evidence from natural record keepers.

When you think of all the diversity in the world, all the knowledge we’ve retained along the way. We live in a time our civilization has delivered copious amounts of scientific findings. Our generation is in an information age and we’re loving it! But, now global warming is threatening life on Earth. I think it’s a relief that we have Science. Science has given and continues to give us the facts. It should keep us on the cutting edge for change. We all know we need to change as we hope and look around at once another.

Global warming and Science

Graphs are what scientists use to show information easily. Up until now, the media has shown only one temperature graph. The hockey stick graph has garnered the most attention. The only one that’s heralded as the truth or the most accurate! The one escalating a state of panic thus increasing environmental consciousness. It’s the DAWN of the fight against global warming! We’re asked to change our actions and lower the carbon footprint.

Recently there has been a call to unite behind the Science! Greta Thunberg, our times most notorious Climate activist has influenced millions! She says,

“Do our own homework and then we’ll realize that we need a new way of thinking.”

Greta Thunberg

So, like anyone looking to learn and do their part in the fight against global warming, I’m doing my own homework.

I keep my mind open to different scientific opinions. Educated opinions that have significant value in the fight to reduce global warming. Then along the way, I learn something new! I learn about a Canadian Professor that developed his own Climate graph. It makes sense that there would be more! In fact, there are many climatologists actively publishing historical temperatures!

Mann VS Ball

These Scientists have worked to create a larger historical picture of the Earth. There are generations of painstaking hours in research and testing passed through the Scientific community. However, instead of coming together to study the differences and outcomes of opposing data. Scientists are dragging each other down, discrediting, and even name-calling!?

Michael Mann and Tim Ball both studied climate change and its effects on human history. These two Scientists have differing opinions in Historical Climatology. So now they’re battling in the Supreme court.

The graph below shows just how different the studies have turned out to be… Michael Mann’s graph shows that global temperatures have been fairly constant through time except for the most recent past. The telltale hockey stick graph shows how temperatures have recently soared into unchartered territory.

Tim Ball’s version shows quite a different picture. He found the past was subject to many variations in temperature, both high and low. He paints the picture of Midevil times being quite a bit hotter than today`s temperatures. The “anti-alarmist” say that Mann’s graph has defied the Intergovernmental Panel (IPCC) on Climate change.

They state the IPCC’s previous assessment on historical temperatures also had warmer and cooler periods. But, as of 2001, the IPCC only supports Michael Mann’s graph. Mann was their Lead Author in the IPCC third assessment report. They support the graph because it shows a human-caused rise in CO2 levels.

In 2011, Mann also sued Dr. Tim Ball and a Canadian think tank called Frontier Center for Public Policy. He claimed liability for the defamation of his character. What triggered the lawsuit was Tim Ball’s statement “Mann belongs in the State Pen, not Penn State.” Ball asserts that this statement was said in an attempt to get Mann to show his math.

Here is a third graph that represents the research and represents each Scientists efforts. The colored lines give an overall view of each analysis. This graph shows the warming trend in Mideviel times and the little ice age that occurred directly afterward. Notice the one black line that shows the hockey stick best?

Climate proxies are measurements gathered from the tree rings, coral, ice core samples, and Stalactites. They’re ways for scientists to gain more knowledge of past temperatures. In times when no one was using thermometers!

Even though, the method of using a Climate proxy is not as accurate as a thermometer. This is the main cause of variations in climate graphs. But, its the best way to gain insight into historical temperatures from thousands of years ago!

Trials and consequences

However, throughout the eight-year trial, Mann did not release his data. The judgment was passed down as the judge felt the case was neither proved nor disproved. Mann showed bad faith, therefore the courts ruled in favor of Ball awarding him legal costs. Mann plans to appeal the decision and the court case could go on!

They’ve both worked tirelessly to map out temperatures in an effort to decipher if the world has ever been this warm. A path science blazed in order to understand our atmosphere. Not one man is 100% right in the Science of climatology but many are close. The outcome suggests humans are responsible for the increase in CO2 levels. 97-98% of Climate Scientists believe that global average surface temperatures have risen in the past century.

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