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How This One Snack Inspires Healthier Eating

Whole foods contain good quality or organic ingredients. Be glad to know while buying with the intention of eating healthier, it also supports a healthier way of farming. While surfing the net for Local Organic food companies. I found a company called Left Coast Naturals which supplies a natural food snack named Hippie Snacks. I imagined myself not writing this review because I seriously don’t want people to think I’m a hippy! I’m not someone that goes around wearing bandanas, baggy pants, and tie-dye T-Shirts. Just because I’ve found an interest in writing about the environment! That is definitely not me!!

While shopping at the grocery store I was taking a selfie with my shopping basket. I wanted to show fellow Eco wavers how proud I was that I’d taken care not to put anything plastic in the basket. I’d inadvertently stopped to take the photo next to the snack section looked up and saw the Hippie Snacks. I had a hard look at them because from what I’d read on the Internet I’d seen the company was local. Founded in Burnaby B.C. their snacks don’t contain genetically modified food.  I’m a huge fan of anything cauliflower, this is the main ingredient and it’s the easiest vegetable to hide from kids. I can hide it in anything and my son doesn’t suspect a thing!

There are quite a few flavors you can buy which include Avocado, Sesame, Coconut, and granola snacks.  While inspecting the ingredients I’d found that there isn’t one that I couldn’t pronounce. Coconut milk is the binder for ingredients like pumpkin seed, hemp and sesame seeds, chili flakes, onion, and dill. I’m hooked! So I threw a couple of flavors in the basket. I decided I was going to tuck into the Classic Ranch Cauliflower Crisps around bedtime since lately, I’ve been eating cake instead. Yes, It’s wrong, but if this makes me wrong, then I’m alright with it!

I first noticed that they looked a lot like mini tortilla chips and wasn’t immediately excited. By the first bite, I couldn’t stop eating! Kinda like it had me at hello. It turned into a marathon to see how fast I could get to the bottom of the bag! It was like eating food reminiscent of the everlasting gobstopper from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. With each bite, the different spices came through from beginning to end. The first taste is the sensation of biting into a buttery combination of sesame and cauliflower, which reminded me of Sunday dinner. The crunchiness of the chip carries on with the ranch flavor and finishes off with the taste of dill.

I’ve eaten a lot of chips in my life. There are a few out there that quickly turn me into a ravenous bear. I act like I haven’t eaten in days, yet I hadn’t felt hungry when I took that first bite. Those other chips have MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and countless oils like vegetable, soybean, corn and sunflower oil. So I’m not at all surprised that they’re super addicting! Another great reason to love hippie snacks is that the product doesn’t contain any added oil so all that buttery yumminess is actually coming from the naturally occurring oil in the seeds.

This product ticks the boxes for someone looking to find a healthy alternative that you’ll love. It’s a local Vancouver based product with quality picked, nongenetically modified ingredients and kids love them too!

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