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Indigenous People of Canada – Water Is A Human Right!

How could the Indigenous people have gone so long without clean water? This is the question every Canadian should ask themselves. Could you imagine getting up and boiling your own water every day? What about avoiding a shower because the water is so disgusting you can’t stand the smell? These are some of the issues a person faces in the Indian Reserves of Canada (IRC) today. How is it still possible that a fundamental right to clean water has been ignored all these years? Well our POLI 2200 class set out to discover just that! We chose to cover the city of Iqaluit since this place has recently captured headlines across Canada. It has awakened Canadians to the disheartening of a 40-year-old promise. A promise the Canadian government never kept.

The latest water contamination in Iqaluit became Justin Trudeau’s social media nightmare. So he pledged to give the city $241 million dollars towards the replacement and repairs of the existing Infrastructure. What we need NOW is more accountability for their neglected Indigenous right. For their constitutional, and human right to clean drinking water. The health and well-being of every Canadian matter. In honor of Indigenous people’s month, we want to raise awareness. Awareness of the ongoing saga for clean drinking water on First Nation Reserves across the country. Call to Action! Contact your local MLA and ask them to end drinking water advisories in Canada.

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