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The 8 best must-have gift ideas at the local Christmas Market

What I love about the Christmas season is a local Christmas Market! They’re held almost every weekend and can be easily missed! To plan a Christmas market spending spree you have to do some homework. They advertise through bulletins, online, and word of mouth. So, If you plan to buy local for Christmas then mark your calendars!

It’s a good place where small companies get together and gather their wares for sale. A family affair with fresh goodies and fun! As a newly conscious shopper, I’m on the lookout for plastic!

I ask questions like show me something not made from plastic. Or I’ll say gee, I wish it wasn’t packaged with plastic. (YES! I am that person) I only do this now because this feedback can make a difference!

If everyone did this I`m sure companies would take notice. But, for now, those that voice their ecofriendly opinion are few and far between!

Knit blankets

People that knit blankets have the power of a superhero! Their patience level really is a superhuman quality. One vendor at the Chrismas market sold Chucky knit blankets (love them), toques, and sweaters. She separated those made with a mixed wool and polyester blend away from 100% wool.

The cost of a 100% wool product is more expensive than the latter. However, to the sight and touch, they’re both very similar in texture and softness.

For this reason, many people often purchase the cheaper version. So, eco-conscious shoppers will need to pay more for higher quality natural material.


Though, it would be wonderful to find a version that isn’t more expensive. Thus, I went home and hunted online to find 100% natural clothing. In the hopes, I’d find something with the same prices as a polyester blend.

I found this extra-large 100% cashmere Winter scarf and it’s the perfect gift under $40.00


Another key product to an eco-friendly Christmas gift is FOOD! There is nothing like homemade jam and chutneys at Christmas! The different flavors are so diverse.


I ‘ve never made Jam at home and wouldn’t even know where to begin! But, I’m sure those in the know would tell me its simple. However, jam varieties are easy to find so it’s almost better to purchase it and save your time.

I noticed the vendor at the used mismatched canning jars. (Saving money and reusing containers) You would never find a company reusing containers in a grocery store. So, this is another great reason to support these local events.


Honey is nature’s vomit in a jar! Kidding! Sorta! It does come from a Bee’s mouth! However, the honey doesn’t lie in its digestive tract. What I like about honey is how sweet it tastes!

What I like about buying honey from a local Christmas market? Giving support to local beekeepers. They will turn honey into an experience. Who knew? Honey can be mixed with other lovely natural ingredients. Ingredients such as lemon, ginger, cinnamon, and other spices.

Upcycled stocking ideas

We have to start thinking about reusing the throwaways. There are so many lovely ideas at the local Christmas market. You can find wayward toys that have been discarded. No home means landfill bait! The toys that were once loved but now the kids have all grown up.

Tree ornaments

For instance, alphabet blocks can be separated from a set so easily. When someone finds them separately or in a small group they will always find doubles. So what would be the point of collecting them? One woman decided to create Christmas tree ornaments with them. She turned the blocks into cute robots with arms and legs each with their own letter.

Green, silicon snack bag

Household essentials

Snack bags

Ideally, these sandwich bags would come from recycled material. However, when the alternative is single-use plastic these reusable silicone food storage bags are a lifesaver! As a global community, we must stop supporting the use of disposable sandwich bags. The single-use plastic is devastating our planet’s ecosystems with consequences we haven’t yet come to realize! These food-grade silicone storage bags are a good alternative and you will save you money too. No more wasting money on a product you just throw away! This is your chance to make a shift to an eco-conscious kitchen. Great for the kid’s lunches, leftovers, or a snack for the road!

Shampoos and conditioners

They say that water bottle companies are only selling plastic water bottles to us. It’s a sobering statement that can also apply to Shampoo companies. We’ve all used a bar of soap to cleanse in the shower. But somehow the shampoo companies have convinced us that if the product doesn’t come in a plastic bottle it’s not good enough for our hair! While out shopping at the Christmas market I came across a vendor. She was selling organic shampoo and conditioner bars for all hair types.

After six months I’ve found my long hair healthier than it has ever been!! The shampoo has controlled my oily scalp and kept the ends tolerable. Don’t get fooled by the clever marketing ploys. Stop using bottled shampoo and conditioners and start using all-natural products without the packaging!

Food wraps

Another product every kitchen needs are those sweet-smelling beeswax food wraps! I think very highly of these food wraps. It’s essential in every low-waste household. Use them to wrap your produce, cover bowls of leftovers, or open a stubborn jar. If we don’t share the simplest solutions like beeswax paper how will we ever stop using saran wrap!

Vendors that go to a local Christmas market use it as a side hustle. This event gives them extra play money at the end of the year. Support these people because they manage to be creative, upcycling items, and promoting local ingredients.

Give these eco-friendly gifts for Christmas or Birthdays each year. Encourage your friends and family to use eco-friendly products. Like beeswax paper instead of Saran Wrap! Give them the incentive to change their ways with you. Last but not least shopping locally reduces the amount of packaging waste. When you buy online the plastic air pouches, bubble paper, and styrofoam ruin it. It defeats the purpose of an eco-friendly purchase.

It’s time to take a more holistic approach and start inventing new ways to replace synthetic chemicals and materials with natural alternatives. Communities around the world have an opportunity to harvest Planet, People Products. Support small organizations that are working to support these small villages, local artisans, and grass-root organizations. Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life in a meaningful way? Buy products from small companies working with villagers. These Seagrass market bags are a good way to support artisans in Vietnam. It’s our pledge to work together to create a more natural, healthy, and Eco-friendly planet.