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Seven ways to stop plastic in the food court

Shopping without acquiring plastic in the food court isn’t easy! The object of the game is to figure out how to stop it from flowing past you. For all those 1970’s and 1980’s babies out there it’s kinda like the game of Pong!

This game was pretty much Tennis for those who have no idea what I’m talking about! I went to the mall with my son and we decided to eat at the food court. It’s near impossible to do this without throwing anything away. But, eating in the mall is a popular place for families to go!

My goal was to be mindful and turn away plastic containers. I ordered the KFC take away bucket for kids and it came in a paper container with a plastic lid. Then I bought a salad from Chachi’s which came in a paper container with a plastic lid.

I popped the lid off both containers and asked each company to keep it. When we do this we’re sending a message to them that we don’t want it anymore. Don’t offer it. Styrofoam is also a seriously nasty solution for containers! It will last a million years!!! If more of us are mindful they will see the trend and will adjust packaging accordingly. #onegooddeedaday

Ways to stop the flow of plastic packaging in the food court

  • Bring own sports bottle or coffee cup
  • Buy only fountain drinks
  • Ask for a paper plate
  • Keep a Fork, Spoon, and Knife in the car (keep them in the car wash in the bathroom accordingly)
  • Bring a water bottle or mug from home
  • Give back napkins you think you won’t use

Did I miss anything? If so please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list. If each person does one of these deeds a day then the way people conduct their business will also change. We have to complain and give back when it’s necessary!