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These 16 Successful Companies Are Changing The World

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Changing the world will only happen now if we learn to be conscious shoppers… But, it’s not that easy when you can’t tell who is doing what! But I’ll tell you that learning who and what will fill you with purpose. Shopping therapy!

We need to know what companies are trying to make a difference now more than ever. So let’s get started… The Certified B Corporation is a system that identifies a companies efforts to change the world.

Most of us have never heard of this type of certification because you rarely find it in advertising. A certified B Corp is a company that works to make a profit but works with something called B Lab. The B stands for Benefit and B Lab is a nonprofit company!

Changing the world today for tomorrow

Its job is to measure a company’s social and environmental standards. It holds for-profit companies accountable. So these companies must meet rigorous standards to keep their certification. It’s basically like a USDA certification for the business. In a world where there are lots of claims that stretch the truth, it’s nice to know who to support.

Marketers look for the shiniest adjectives that describe their products. The warm and fuzzy phrases bring a welcoming reception which ultimately increases sales. However, the B Corp qualifies companies that want more than profits. They want to do better. These companies are working to be wholesome, safe and properly labeled. They’re working hard at changing the world!

Certification begins with a test that asks a bunch of questions related to a companies impact. It studies the impact on employees, customers, community and the environment. To qualify a company must score a minimum of 80 points. If they’re really good they can score up to 200 points. Once the test is passed a company will then follow up with supporting documents and provide a background check.

There are 3,243 B Corp companies in 71 countries and many are based in Canada and the U.S. So here are the 16 companies that stand out. See how they’re working hard every day at changing the world.


This company is in the top 25 for the largest companies worldwide to become certified. It is working to become transparent and increase its sustainability. It is non-GMO certified and their health products are gluten-free. They’ll recycle their packaging taking it back once its life is over.


This clothing company is also part of the circular community. It has developed a program to reuse previously worn clothing. So far It has donated 100 million dollars to environmental groups. Together they’re trying to help slow climate change. Their mission includes “building the best product, to cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is trying to prevent social injustices in local and international communities. They’re replicating models of economic justice that have proved to be sustainable. Their mission is to make improve the community’s quality of life. They figure it’s just as important as their financial goals. Wow! If you see this company in the Dairy aisle support them by voting with your dollars!

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a global beauty brand that has been around since the ’70s. This is the first company that pioneered “fair trade” in the cosmetic industry. It’s committed to social issues such as human trafficking, climate change, deforestation, whaling, and animal testing. They’re not just a brand with sweet-smelling products. They have been a long-standing advocate for positive change in the world.

Dr. Bronners

The first time I read Dr. Bronner’s bottle I thought he’s maybe a little crazy. You’ll have to read it to believe it! However, soap products are fantastic! They’re USDA organic, Non-GMO, not tested on animals and fair for life. Fair for Life is a program that certifies the supply chain for fair trade and fair wages.

Vita CoCo

Vita Coco is a New York-based company working with farmers in Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia. They know that farming is hard work and harvesting coconuts is no exception. So, they’ve developed educational programs for the community and also invest in their farms. They don’t like to waste the coconut either. Once the coconut water is extracted they use the meat for their coconut oil and the shell as fuel for factories.

Fresh Prep

This local Vancouver B.C. company puts together meal kits for families on the go! They source their ingredients from local farms and store the food in reusable containers. The food is designed by Chefs and this company uses beef raised without any unnecessary antibiotics or hormones. Plus, the fish is caught wild and certified by Ocean Wise.


Fairware is a merchandising company that helps companies offer sustainable promotional products for their business. They do the homework to find ethical and sustainable products so busy companies don’t need too. Their clients include Mountain Equipment Co-op, Vega, Patagonia, Natures Path, seventh generation, and UNICEF.

The Etho

Look no further for an all you need an ethical market place. Ethos is an online platform that works with companies with ethical perspectives. For the most part, they offer environmentally friendly products, safe working conditions, and sustainable wages. This platform has also claimed to help 100 million women out of poverty! Amazing! You can shop everything from clothing, home goods and grocery items at Etho’s Marketplace.

Seventh Generation

This company is the leading green household and personal care brand in North America. They use recycled material in their packaging and have reduced their manufacturing process’s carbon footprint. Another great aspect of this company is that all of its products are USDA certified bio-based and not tested on animals. Overall the plastic packaging comes from 100% post-consumer recycled material!

Grove Collaborative

Changing the world comes easy when you buy a subscription with this eCommerce platform. It collaborates with many other ethical companies with the same principles. These companies include Method, Seventh Generation, and Burt’s Bees. As a result, they make sure their products are cruelty-free, made with plants and contain only natural fragrances. They’re constantly looking at ways to reduce the plastic in their packaging. Plus their ethical supply chain and sustainable material set this company apart.

Numi tea

Their teas are beautiful not just because of their taste but also for their ethics! Numi is certified as a fair-trade company with fair labor practices. It’s just crazy that there NEEDS to be a third party organization to determine if people are being paid fairly. They hold themselves accountable for their supply chain and sustainable farming practices. Each tea is Organic and Non-GMO. So it’s easy to see that this company is a worthy Corp B company.

Nada Grocery

This grocer deserves a nod. Hello Brianne! She’s a Marine Biologist that has seen first hand the swirling mass of plastic in our oceans. She knows that much of the waste has come from our very own kitchens. Her goal was to see the reduction in food packaging. So she set up a shop in Vancouver B.C. She’s made waves in the grocery aisle since all of the products offered in her store are zero waste.


The Danone Canada brand is one of the largest consumer companies in the Corp B lineup! Their priorities include climate change, sourcing sustainable ingredients and improving their packaging. It’s a fine balance between profits and the social/environmental factors we face today. Therefore this brand makes it in the top 4 ethical dairy brands. Support them over the other brands in the dairy aisle.

All Birds

This shoe company holds itself accountable for its carbon footprint! Climate change has overrun our lives and they’ve realized something needs to be done now. So they’re limiting, measuring, offsetting, and reducing their CO2. By doing this they hope that they’ll one day be a player in changing the world. For this reason, they’ve made a goal to become net-zero by 2030. They’ll do this by paying a self-imposed carbon tax!


This company is awesome so I purchased a phone case from Pela. It’s incredible and I can’t believe how durable a biodegradable item can be! The vision of this company is to create a plastic-free future. They’re working towards building products that encourage a waste-free lifestyle. The sky is the limit and the future looks a little brighter with products like these. Next time you’re looking for a phone case or sunglasses look no further!

Generally speaking, these are some of the companies looking for climate solutions. The companies that we’ve talked about here are good, ethical companies working to make a difference in the world. Support these companies to give the planet a better chance for recovery. Align your wallet with these companies and vote with your dollars. In essence, we can make a difference. Giving them your support offers them a higher competitive advantage over the competition.

It’s time to take a more holistic approach and start inventing new ways to replace synthetic chemicals and materials with natural alternatives. Communities around the world have an opportunity to harvest Planet, People Products. Support small organizations that are working to support these small villages, local artisans and grass root organizations. Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life in a meaningful way? Buy products from small companies working with villagers. These Seagrass market bags are a good way to support the artisans in Vietnam. It’s our pledge to work together to create a more natural, healthy and Eco-friendly planet.

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24 Powerful Plants That Reduces Stress And Anxious Tension

When asked to face the challenges of Climate change today you can’t help but look for a miracle! However, we don’t have to look to much farther than Nature itself! It often gives us what we need and offers many powerful plants for medicinal purposes. For those concerned about the state of the planet, they can become seriously annoyed. The side effects caused by “climate care” is general fatigue, overwhelming anxiety, nervousness, and fear! Most pray for a miracle because it’s believed the problem is too far and wide to help. But, it can be as simple as finding a cure. It’s true some diseases and illnesses have had cures. For instance, we found by chance the medicine we now know as Penicillin. If it wasn’t for the curiosity of Sir Alexander Fleming’s mold in one of his culture plates this well-known antibiotic may never have been discovered!

The relationship between the environment and your health

Like the health of our environment, a person’s health also lies within his/her own hands. But it takes motivation and determination. The amount of waste that comes from households also correlates to the health of our environment. In sickness and in good health we have the power to change our environment, but like our bodies, we have to treat it with respect.

Ever hear the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, it’s true. The better nutrition we put in our bodies the better physical and mental health. But, the health of our food is really determined by the way it is grown. We can’t underestimate the importance of practicing good nutritional habits. The types of foods we continually put or don’t put into the body changes you. Therefore, determining whether the internal systems and organs function properly. If the body has the strength to resist disease or the ability to withstand the physical or psychological stresses of life.

If you’re motivated and determined than these powerful plants are here to help. They’re not just essential oils but plants that can be grown in your own backyard. They can help prevent diseases provide relief, and help cure many illnesses. I hope this information gives you the motivation to search for your own answer. Nature may hold the natural disease that can affect us but is also clearly provides ways to prevent them. This is why it is so important to find ways to protect the environment. It is our food, water, medicine, and habitat!


Wild Angelica is a powerful medicinal herb used in China. It’s also commonly found in subarctic regions such as Greenland. The flower has beautiful starbursts of tiny florets on a fleshy stem. It helps to alleviate nervousness and tension. If your the type to experience stress in your gut than this is the herb for you. It will help to relieve stomach irregularities associated with nervousness.


Holy Basil is referred to as an “adaptogen.” It allows your body to handle stress! You’ll find it in tea, pill or extract form. All helping to alleviate nervousness. Humans and animals were shown to have increased metabolism and improve sleep and fatigue.


The Bergamot plant is a lovely ornamental garden plant used to attract beneficial insects to your garden. It is not only nice to look at it has a sweet herby taste popular for lemonades, punch or hot and cold teas. It is essential to help alleviate nervousness and tension

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh grows up to 5 feet tall with pretty sprays of long streams of white flowers. The root’s medicinal purpose is to help alleviate nervousness and tension. Its found mostly in pill or tincture forms at the health food store.

Black Pepper

It looks like a flowery vine with berries. The berries are the fruit and named peppercorns. This fruit has many health benefits because of it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. It helps alleviate tension especially associated with tobacco addiction withdrawal.


A blue starflower that will add beauty to your kitchen garden. Both the leaves and flowers are edible and those that use it enjoy its medicinal properties. This lovely will help alleviate your nervousness, especially associated with premenstrual syndrome.

California Poppy

If you find yourself up and not sleeping at night because life has you stressed out! Try this delightful flower! This warm orangy flower is a popular wildflower. It helps alleviate nervousness, tensions, and nervous agitation.


Caraway plant is a common garden herb in culinary gardens It is aromatic and gives dishes a hint of licorice flavor. The flavor is a combination of citrus and pepper. You’ll particularly find this herb in curry dishes and rye bread. In addition, the medicinal value from the seed relieves digestive irregularities associated with nervousness.


Chamomile has been consumed for centuries as a tea remedy to calm nerves. This herb is a flower that looks like a small version of a daisy. It has incredible abilities to reduce stress and anxiety.


Everyone knows about Cinnamon! It is a popular herb to use when cooking or baking. It not only tastes good in apple-pie it also helps to alleviate tension and helps to relieve diarrhea associated with tension


As a matter of fact, this plant is related to the Celery family! The stem and leaves have a citrusy flavor and are most commonly used in cooking. I’m sure you’ve heard of them! It’s called Cilantro! Moreover, the Coriander seeds have an earthy flavor and help alleviate nervousness. It’s good at relieving diarrhea associated with nervousness.


This savory herb graces the gardens of most chefs. It’s most often used with lemon and adds so much flavor to any dish. Did you know it also helps alleviate nervousness too! It’s great for nausea and helps prevent and relieve vomiting associated with nervousness.


Found wild on the side of the roads in the Mediterranean regions. Fennel has a edible fleshy bulb commonly used in cooking. In particular, it is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to lower blood pressure. Thus, in turn, relieves nervous tension!

Ginko Biloba

Used for centuries to enhance blood flow. This ancient plant is a powerful antioxidant and has been proven to increase cognitive abilities. Therefore limiting tension and anxiety caused by stress.


Just when you thought how could there possibly be more herbs to help with my tension! We’re only halfway through the list!! The Earth offers us so much variety. Ginseng is most popular in Eastern Asian medicine. It is a powerful antioxidant that relieves heart irregularities associated with nervousness.


Who knew Beer could help relieve stress! I do. The most common form used is the Hop flower. People like to drink it in Beer and use it as a natural medicine. If you’re a woman and you suffer from symptoms of menopause crack open a beer and relax! It helps to alleviate tension associated with feminine menopause.

Lemon Balm

Fresh Lemon balm tastes delicious in a cold Summer tea. Proven by double-blind studies to relieve headaches, reduce anxiety and decrease heart and breathing irregularities associated with nervousness. I Love adding Lemon Balm to sweet tea on a Summer’s day. It truly is one of the most powerful plants we use today.


Lavender is the go-to herb that people love to cook and drink. It’s a traditional plant that relieves heart irregularities, stomach cramping, and spasms associated with nervousness.


If your feeling like you’ve got a lot of nervous tension in your body you can do something as simple as grabbing an orange. Mandarin oranges are a treat around Christmas and what a great time to eat your stress away. It contains minerals Potassium and Magnesium which affect blood pressure and nerve function.


Oats are the healthiest grains and one of the most powerful plants in the world! They are common in many diets so it’s easy to get their health benefits. Oats release nervous tension because it feeds the nervous system. Most specifically Oats will help you get through depression.


The Passionflower is an exotic looking flower which helps to relieve sleep disorders associated with nervous tension. Researchers believe it works because it contains (GABA) or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acids. This is a chemical that the brain makes for you which can either put you in a good or bad mood!


Do you have a headache and a stiff neck? Chances are it’s nervousness! Peppermint is a nice natural alternative to an Advil. It is a sweet-smelling oil that can make you feel revived and happier while reducing pain.

Reishi Mushroom

Grown in hot and humid regions of Eastern Asia the Reishi Mushrooms are OK to eat fresh. However, the most popular form to eat it is in powder or pill form. It has many health benefits for your immune system and will relieve chest pains associated with nervousness.


This one is my favorite! I absolutely love the smell of a rose bush. It relieves chest discomfort or cramping giving you that comfortable and happy feeling! Have you ever heard the saying stop and smell the Roses? There is some scientific evidence behind it! Researchers have done a controlled study that showed the smell of a Rose increased the feeling of relaxation. It truly is one of the most powerful plants!

The bounty of what nature has to offer gives us blessings. Blessings we should be thankful for everyday. But we often take them for granted! Our health is a subject to our natural surroundings. For example our sense of well-being increases by just taking a short walk in the woods. Staying healthy can be easy if you can keep your body’s stress levels in check. Do this by simply eating food grown and cultivated in the healthiest environment. All of these powerful plants suggested here have medicinal properties to keep you cool and calm! Use these powerful plants on a daily basis in your cooking. Then watch your health rise and your stress fall.

There are more ways you can incorporate powerful plants into your daily routine. Essential oils have been used as perfumes since 2000 BC. Kings, Queens, and Nobles would wear it. The rarity of an essential oil distillery made it expensive. Therefore, those that had the money could afford to buy it. Peasants and laymen would envy the soft floral scents. But now these oils are affordable for most people. Learn how you can make your own perfume and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

It’s time to take a more holistic approach and start inventing new ways to replace synthetic chemicals and materials with natural alternatives. Communities around the world have an opportunity to harvest Planet, People Products. Support small organizations that are working to support these small villages, local artisans and grass root organizations. Do you want to make a difference in someone’s life in a meaningful way? Buy products from small companies working with villagers. These Seagrass market bags are a good way to support the artisans in Vietnam. It’s our pledge to work together to create a more natural, healthy and Eco-friendly planet.