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How To Bring a Great Find Home.

Society has been able to accomplish some fantastic inventions that have made life pretty darn comfortable. The most mundane features such as furniture we take for granted every day.

It’s a basic comfort and today there’ s an overabundance of supply. If you can’t find something suitable on the showroom floor in your local furniture store. Then look no further because online stores are just a mouse click away.

A great find.

The furniture changes with each new trend or style to keep consumers interested and this is a cause for concern. It’s concerning because we’re constantly cutting down trees to fill the need. Manufacturers are making more plastic, creating foam and producing the fabric.

What are we thinking? The fabric, foam, and plastic don’t biodegrade and the continuous production contributes to landfills. There’s an alternative approach to furniture shopping that I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Antiques are old pieces of vintage, retro or old fashioned pieces of wood. Did you know the majority of antiques are actually not that expensive?

The same brand new styles that we find in stores was once before a modern trend that dominated our relative’s homes for years. The furniture from our parents, grandparent, and great-grandparents are still out there and often lovingly maintained.

Furniture pieces with a soul

One-piece that I’ve found had been with a couple for as long as they could remember. I believe that furniture with a history quickly becomes a part of its character. It has a soul. These people had to downsize from the home they’d lived in for fifty years and now it was time to let their things go.

The online world is a good place to start use sites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace and Varage Sale as prices are decent and often negotiable. Yes, that’s Varage sale with a V! It’s a community-based app that connects Buyers and Sellers that live in the same neighborhood. You’ll save soo much money in every category from appliances to cars. 

The best furniture finds are usually in original condition and colors are often dark cherry, reddish oak or yellow. This piece did not initially look like they’d belong in a modern townhome but I had a plan to breathe new life into it. All it takes, elbow grease, sandpaper, well-placed stain and a coat of paint! Finally, you’ll have a sense of satisfaction when it’s all done. Friends and Family will appreciate a vintage piece.

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