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A Plan To Clean Up Our World Faster Than You Think.

If five hundred and fifty people pick up just five pieces of plastic each day. Together they can pick up one million pieces in a year. Sounds easy enough plus, it’s the decent thing to do! I wonder how I’d fit that simple task into the day. A simple task that is one deed in a plan to help clean up the world quickly.

Clean up our world??

I rise at 7 am, and begin the day with breakfast. Afterward, I chase my son around get him ready for school. After work, I make dinner, put my son to bed and then finally rest at 9 pm. This schedule actually feels like picking up five pieces of plastic would be a huge achievement!

If most people have a day like mine then I understand. I get why we’re not working too hard to make a difference. I must admit cleaning up at home is a big job and I don’t often look for garbage to pick up anywhere else. If you’re anything like myself I’ve created this sense of entitlement, if it’s not in the vicinity of home or work, forget it!

Government Intervention

Luckily, the government plays an integral part in keeping beaches, streets, parks, and rivers clean. Our American neighbors just had an issue with government shutdowns and it effectively crippled the municipal services for a record period of time. Essential services stopped like the collection of garbage in local parks and garbage began to pile up quickly!

Without the government getting involved our garbage would be out of control. Everywhere we turn items are over-packaged and products are manufactured with single-use packaging. Therefore, in an effort to fight the tsunami of trash the government created a system to deal with it.

The Plan

Recycling statistics show that Vancouver can clean up our world pretty well in comparison to other cities in Canada. We’re washing out containers and sorting our plastics from paper to cardboard! However, there’s always room for improvement! The government takes these items and sorts them further so they can sell paper fiber to companies that handle post-consumer packaging. 

The recycling plant works through some crippling problem from material contamination. If there is so much as a coffee stain on a piece of paper, food residue in a plastic bag, blood, grease or juice left inside a container it will cross contaminate tonnes of perfectly recycled recyclables. When this happens what could’ve been sold is sent to the garbage dump forever.

Canadian Products are not recycled properly. One in three pounds, of material, is dirty and this dampens the recycling efforts. Our intentions are costing Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars a year. It’s expensive to manage garbage in the recycling program. Canadians need to follow the guidelines and they’re found in a Wizard link. This link is located on my Twitter account or Facebook page Ridetheecowave.

Recycling is not enough

The world is dumping 8,300 million metric tonnes of garbage into the Ocean each year. This is equal to one truckload of garbage dumped every minute! This problem of dumping, littering, exploiting our environment is not going to go away. If we`re to continue on living, in the same way, we will regret it!. Recycling is not enough. We have to take our inner environmental steward to the next level and clean up our world.

Firstly, the Ocean cleanup needs our help and they’re accepting donations. There’s a huge set back in the attempt to clean up trash in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The buoy and skirt design nicknamed Wilson has broken from the force of the Ocean and unfortunately. They may have to go back to the drawing board and analyze the problem associated with their design.

Donate today for tomorrow

Furthermore, this critical development in their concerted effort to clean up our Oceans is important to support. We get caught up in our day to day activities and time is not something we can afford to give. Money is the best opportunity to make up the difference in our collective goal to help clean up our environment.

The hard part is keeping this in the forefront of our thoughts. We spend our days trying so hard to get through the day with just our sanity! This is a good start in awakening the spirit of an inner steward. The single act of doing one good deed a day creates a vision. One person can make a difference. If we plan a change in our lives or donate to a worthy cause our efforts will be rewarded. The environmental movement will continue to grow.