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The Glory Of Giving! Paying It Forward In The Modern World

The glory of giving paying it forward in a modern world

It’s said the people who remember you might not remember you for the things you do! But, in fact, they’ll remember you by the way you made them feel. Receiving the glory of giving for most corporations is a huge incentive. Therefore, companies find ways to pay it forward in creative ways. By giving to a charity that they feel is worthy rather than pay more taxes!

You’ll see in this post that gift-giving has become less of a spiritual journey. For corporations, giving is not without expectations. However, the majority of citizens still believe giving is a genuine experience. Corporate culture and private citizens view giving back in two very different ways.

The Glory Of Giving

According to Wikipedia, the definition of Philanthropy is selfless love, for the love of humanity, or good-natured. In the past, philanthropy was set up to benefit society. But we can see through trial and error it doesn’t quite cut it today!

It has deep historical roots and has had it benefits. Yet our world seems to still struggle every day with segregation, slavery, sickness, and poverty.

In 2006, Bono a rockstar and philanthropist shifted his tax affairs from Ireland to the Netherlands. He explained it’s, “just some smart people we have… being sensible about the way we’re taxed.” This well-known supporter of the fight against poverty is just being smart with his money.

But, what we need more of now is more public funds. There is less money for the governments to provide support for those that need it the most.

The tradition of philanthropy has given time and talent and resources back to the needy. Millions of ordinary people have benefited from programs for education, poverty, and religion. But, there is a problem with this kind of giving. It doesn’t solve the root social issues we face today. Does this practice of giving help? Or does it cause an even bigger divide? When Corporations pay it forward they’re only redistributing their wealth. They’re reaping the glory of giving! Yet, the wealthy are often out of touch with what the poor really need!

Philanthropic Influence

The Rockefeller Foundation is one of the largest in American history to receive the glory of giving! Of the 530 million dollars spent 450 million went to medicine. Yet, the American health system still rates #37 of all countries according to the World Health Organization.

In 1936, the Ford Foundation was created. Both the Rockefeller and the Ford Foundation invested heavily in the Green revolution. The green revolution was the birth of the third agriculture revolution! Chemical labs developed chemical fertilizers and agro-chemicals like pesticides.

They say that it’s helped the problem of world hunger. But, according to the Global Food Waste and Loss Initiative, we’re wasting it. 943 billion dollars in food is wasted annually! The chemicals and pesticides used in the meantime are killing the planet. Find out how the green revolution has shaped the world we know today! It has a dark side that’s causing the planet unspeakable damage.

Modern-day philanthropists are just smart people doing smart things with their money. But, what if corporations and individuals just paid their taxes? Currently, there’s a huge gap between the have and the have not. This is because fairness and equality don’t run in a conventional system. The world’s eight richest people have more money than the poorest half of humanity!

The Multi-Billion-Dollar Tax Haven

The typical social order in a caste system. So it’s a world created by those with money to control those that don’t. Another big problem that challenge governments are the allocation of tax money to havens.

According to the International Monetary fund, Multinational corporations shift profits to havens. This creates a global tax loss to the tune of 500 billion dollars a year! To all the multi-billion dollar corporations this is what we have to say today! We don’t need your charity we want your tax dollars!

This example highlights why modern-day philanthropy exists for the wrong reasons.

Joey D. a wealthy socialite worked in the family business his entire life. Regardless, he’d worked hard running long hours. A typical wealthy family with luxury cars, large homes, and investments from the Hamptons to Panama city. Joey D. doesn’t want to pay too many taxes. So he decides instead to donate his money to education. He donates a large sum to the local University. In turn, they name their auditorium after him! Joey D. what a great guy! His reputation is one of generosity and friends, colleagues, and family all admire his contribution. A typical story, it’s the glory of giving.

There are two big problems firstly this generosity only offsets how much tax he pays! Secondly, it also gives him the pleasure of receiving love and admiration from his peers. Self-centered kindness lives because the system allows it too. The world’s foundation was built of bricks and Mortar in a shape like a pyramid. Food, poverty, and lack of education exist because of the unequal distribution of wealth.

Random Acts And Tax

What in the world would have to happen for a systemic change? Why would philanthropy disappear when it reflects love and admiration from others. The good news! Even if philanthropy disappeared tomorrow the government coffers would benefit.

The government’s job is to provide acquisitions for goods and services, Infrastructure investment and research spending. Its the government’s job to create future benefits for humanity. So shouldn’t it be their responsibility to deliver necessary social programs?

This initiative gives a stable and responsible government the means to do better. Not to mention, genuine random acts of kindness will still happen every day! We often find it in our hearts to make it special for someone that deserves it. If billions of people treated their neighbors fairly the world would be better off.

Genuine Gifts

True admiration for gift-givers comes from those that have a story. Quite often it’s a life that had underwent a triumph over tragedy. This experience fuels the motivation to ultimately deliver genuine service. This type of character most people find relatable.

However, when someone gets their motivation out of order morality is easily displaced. Advancing a political agenda, or religious beliefs are antagonists in gift-giving. The road to good character is not who you portray. Seeing accurately and being honest with yourself will lead those with means down the right road. It will give the means to give unconditionally.

When you give someone love, you’re actually giving a piece of yourself. Philanthropy is designed to fix the root cause of the world-wide problems. But, love is what truly solves problems the world faces today! It is more fun to give then it is to get love.

People with the most love for one another find an appreciation for one another. So, it isn’t what you buy or what you do. It is definitely knowing someone that makes love better. So with more money in the government’s coffers and genuine acts of kindness. We will be better off to face the challenges within the current system. Wouldn’t that be something? It would be a miracle to have all of the world’s problems solved.