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The Best Educational Guide To The Plastic Problem

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Well, I’m glad you’re here! Because you’ve just found the best educational guide to help solve the ocean plastic problem! Just by being open to solving the plastic pollution crisis creates opportunities. I’m scouring the Internet to find a solution to our plastic crisis. I’ve found some great eco-friendly school supplies for you. Plus, you’ll get three educational guides for kids and parents from grade two to twelve! What luck!

So, the school supply list came in for my son’s first year of elementary school. I found there were quite a few requests for plastic. A plastic box for crayons and pencils, plastic ziplock bags, and vinyl binders. You can buy Edu-packs that come prepackaged specifically made for busy parents. The supplies come in a large clear plastic pouch with a zipper. So I recommend looking around for yourself. For parents who are looking to make a change, this is a good start. It’s not hard to make small changes that benefit the planet.

Firstly, eco-friendly products are easy to find! I took a look online for environmentally friendly options and quickly found the Aurora 3 ring binder. It is a recycled cardboard version of the plastic vinyl option. It’s made of a high percentage of recycled material called fluted chipboard. Then, I found a drawer organizer for my son’s pencils and crayons. An eco- friendly option made up of 100% bamboo. The two biggest reasons why you should choose bamboo are it’s sustainable and natural. The forests grow in a matter of a few years and the products are biodegradable. Two great options and I barely lift a finger!

I also ran across something called Onyx and Green scissors. The scissor handles are made with corn plastic. There are all sorts of new “green” plastics on the market to replace the traditional monomer plastics. However, these plastics are not readily biodegradable by traditional composting methods. They only biodegrade in industrial methods using high temperatures up to six months. Also, Onyx and Green’s glue is 100% plant-based and non-toxic.

Educational Guides:

Elementary School

Environmental stewardship starts at an early age so here’s a great way to inspire and learn more! This unique education pack is distributed by Climate Change Canada for families and teachers. Click the link to get the best educational guide, unit plan, and tool kit. Plus, a workbook for teachers or parents to share with their elementary-aged kids. At last, there’s a way to lead the way for Climate change!

Middle School

Of course, education is always a place to find creative ways to a new solution. Whether it’s in elementary school or middle school students need to continue learning about plastic pollution. Through these lessons hopefully, the youth today will see the value of our Oceans and break their patterns. So, click the link to get the workbook for middle school kids. Plus, here’s the unit plan and tool kit for your next lesson.

High School

It will take a deep level of conscious thinking for transformational change here on Earth. Eventually, students with an understanding of how their actions affect the environment will become mentors themselves. Click the link to get a high school student’s workbook and the corresponding unit plan and toolkit for Parents (teachers).