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Top 13 essentials for a conscious kitchen

kitchen essentials

With the spread of COVID-19, people are spending more time in the kitchen. This is a good time more than ever to think about re-prioritizing life. We have time to think about the essentials for a conscious kitchen. Plastic pollution hasn’t gone away. It’s still important to control our household waste for future generations. We’ve seen humanity can ban together for a cause and it’s brilliant!

Entire Countries have made a complete 360-degree turn in their daily routines. A pact was made to stay home! Fighting off this unseen viral danger has made the economy slow and stock markets crash. The food has disappeared off grocery store shelves. So now we turn to our spouses, loved ones and children and say, “didn’t see that one coming!” But these issues are not new. In the past, people have struggled with the same problems.

Essentials for a conscious kitchen

In the old days, people grew vegetable gardens in the back yard. The fruit and vegetables were then canned and stored in cool dark spaces. Our Grandparents did this because their parents did. This sage advice was passed down through the generations because it was common sense. As time passed innovations in the kitchen became more commonplace. More women went to work in the 1960s and families had more spending money. There were easy convenient ways to make a quick dinner for the family. Drive-thrus exploded in popularity and the era of fast food was born.

However, now that Restaurants are closed and families are staying home we have time. It’s time to look at how your kitchen can improve. Living a sustainable life and passing your own sage advice to kids is priceless. It is our contribution to the effort of maintaining a healthy planet. These essentials for a conscious kitchen will give you the tools you need to reduce waste.

Juicer Machine

Juicer machine

A good juicing machine is worth the investment! Many people buy juicing machines to stay healthy. But it also stops tetra packs from entering the landfill. The Canadian dietary guideline suggests people should eat 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Do you think you could eat that many veggies? It sure is tough to do! The advantage of juicing is not only just reaping the benefits of powerful antioxidants. It’s a way to lower the amount of waste your household produces!


Cheesecloth is necessary when you’re actively juicing! The juicer works at pulverizing the fruit into a mash but it doesn’t capture all the juice. Most of the juice is left in the pulp. So to get the best bang for your buck you have to squeeze the life out of the pulp. This is why cheesecloth is so valuable. Therefore, if you don’t get every last drop you’d waste your money.

Soda Stream

Do you know why the soda stream is an amazing product? It’s amazing for the same reason a juicing machine is awesome. I love that there is a variety of flavors for the whole family. But what I love even more is less plastic! We buy Pop at the store because we can’t make it at home! But since the soda stream times have changed! After the initial investment, you can save a ton of money. It only costs .35 cents a liter so pretty much .70 cents for a 2 liter of pop! Overall, you can save an average of 550 plastic bottles from the landfill each year!

Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Are you still using those white plastic kitchen bags in your garbage bin? Not everything can be recycled and we still need a place to put it. For instance, the meat at the grocery store is always sold with a Styrofoam tray. Think of it as an area that needs room for improvement. Instead of giving up with the thought that this is just the way it is! Read this post about 4 successful shopping tips that will change your life. Go with the biodegradable plastic bags that will compost quickly. Unni’s 100% compostable bags are good if they got the seam right. The seam at the bottom of the bag was bonded together. However, if they get that right it’s an excellent option. These bags have TUV certification, 100% compostable in the backyard and home composting.

Beeswax Wraps

Bees wax wraps

Beeswax wraps are a great way to stop using plastic saran wrap with leftovers. These wraps are an awesome biodegradable alternative to silicon-based products. The beeswax has natural anti-microbial properties that help keep your food free from bacteria. Beeswax has been used for thousands of years in ancient Egypt and by the “Father of Medicine,” Hippocrates.


Ever hear of Enjo? This company has a product line that replaces the need to buy both paper towels and cleaning solutions. It’s a 2 in 1 solution to every household’s needs. You save money since you don’t need to buy them at all. Plus you’re stopping unnecessary chemical and plastic pollution from their release into the environment. Once the Enjo cleaning pads are finished their life Enjo takes them back. They get a second life as cushions for cars!

Mason Jars

Mason jars have been a game-changer in my kitchen! I used to use plastic bags whenever I bought in the bulk section. I never liked how plastic bags stacked up in my pantry. They would often get shoved towards the back. Of course, I’d forget it was there. Now the jars stand proudly with the canned food. They have organized my cupboards, making my pantry pleasing to the eye! Use the mason jars when you visit the bulk section or the Bulk Barn near you. You’ll reduce your reliance on single-use plastics and help save a sea turtle.

Caste Iron Pans

Caste iron pans have been a staple in the household since the 16th century. So it’s not surprising that will be a good addition to your kitchen. If you like caramelizing the tops of fresh buns fast than these pans are for you! Switching from Teflon wasn’t difficult. Caste iron pans are not expensive in comparison and much healthier. The PFOA’s used to produce Teflon is a super toxic chemical that is virtually indestructible. Read more about Teflon in 5 Eco-friendly household items that will make us healthier

Baking Sheets

A baking sheet is necessary for an Eco-friendly kitchen because it is up to us to save the Rain forest. Don’t rely on large corporations to bring us our cookies and crackers. Palm oil plantations have slashed and burned the Amazon in order to gain more fertile ground. By baking, we eliminate the need for palm oil. Just when you thought there was nothing you could do to help protect the Rain forest. It turns out you have the power to make a difference in your own kitchen. If you need a baking sheet go with stoneware and stay away from Non-stick pans.

Crock Pot

Crock pot

A crockpot or what I prefer to call a Mom saver! Next to the toaster, this machine is one of the most popular appliances in the kitchen. The crockpot is a brilliant way to make vegetable soup stalk. The biggest Eco-friendly issue from a kitchen comes from the amount of its food waste. The average food waste from a Canadian household costs $1,100.00 annually. Canada emits 2.2 million tonnes of avoidable food waste. That is equal to 2.1 million cars on the road each year!! So, every unaccounted scrap of food that gets thrown into the landfill actually amounts to something. So, throw your vegetable scraps into a crockpot and create your own homemade soup. Soup is an essential in every kitchen and the crockpot is one of the essentials for a conscious kitchen.

Seagrass Bags

Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store. Seagrass is a Sea fiber that can be woven into a super-strong product. There is very little environmental impact as it does not need fresh water to grown and does not need chemical fertilizers, pesticides of insecticides. It’s found all over the world and can be grown quickly one acre can make up to 10 tonnes a year! The fibers are water repellent, stain resistant and almost impermeable. This job of weaving these bags are often given to the woman of the village. They’re the artisans and help keep their community healthy, happy and working.  Find your self a sweet little market bag like this one. It’s an opportunity to pay a fair price for a quality item.

Freezing seasonal fruit

I haven’t quite figured out how to freeze fruit without using a plastic bag. So if anyone knows an alternate way, please send me a comment! Freezing seasonal fruit is environmentally friendly for one good reason. The carbon footprint of a transported fruit or veggie is high. For instance from California to Vancouver B.C. the carbon footprint is .27 tonnes. It’s hard to imagine .27 tonnes. So to give it a better description this weight equals three baby elephants. Buy from a local farm and support the livelihood of our neighbors.

Popcorn Machine

pop corn machine

Popcorn Machines are a Mom’s secret weapon for hungry kids. If you want a low waste kitchen than a pop corn machine is a must! It eliminates the need for any kind of packaging. Buy your pop corn kernels in the bulk section. Fill up a mason jar instead of buying kernels in a plastic bag or microwaveable popcorn. Microwaveable popcorn has a Teflon coating on the bag. So the popcorn machine offers a no waste or chemical solution.

We need to understand that even though we are recycling waste. We are still releasing it back into the environment. The process of handling recyclables creates more CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, we’re better off reducing our wasteful ways. Stop the flow of plastic and packaging into our homes. Traditional folklore is the best medicine for the soul. Doing what we once did to produce the essentials binds us to the past

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please share this with your friends and family on social media. Learning about the essentials for a conscious kitchen is interesting. But, what’s even more fascinating is reading up on the corporations that bring us the essentials for our kitchen. Learn about one company with a huge impact on your comfort food!

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  1. Love your blog and Love that you are using ENJO! I have been Zero Waste with ENJO for 12 years…that’s before Zero Waste was a thing!

    1. Hi, Laurie
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I’m glad you love it!! 🙂
      I wish I had found ENJO sooner! Better late than never… I hope you’re doing well and let’s stay in touch

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